The Rural Iowa Amateur Radio Club maintains 2 repeaters. Both are located on the KRJE tower north of Fayette.

147.345+ 103.5PL

443.950+ Brandmeister DMR. Color Code 1

The following talkgroups are static:
3119 – Slot 2 – Iowa Statewide
2 – Slot 2 – Local (not linked)

31192 – Slot 1 – Iowa District 2 (Waterloo Area)
Any other Brandmeister talkgroup is available on slot 1 dynamically. To enable, just turn your radio to that group, quickly push and release the mic button on your radio. The talkgroup will stay on that slot until you haven’t transmitted on that group for 15 minutes.

View status of the W0OEL DMR repeater.

Join the Iowa 3119 Users Group on Facebook to learn more about DMR in Iowa. This group also has standardized codeplugs and documents for how DMR is setup among the Iowa DMR repeaters.

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